Annesha Arunasalem

Annesha is studying for a Bachelor of Arts with majors in Education and Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL).

Annesha Arunasalem

“My Education major has shaped me; it has taught me to be well organized and flexible. I took this major as I was fascinated by the learning processes and children’s psychology. My language teaching study has taught me to be patient; I used to get annoyed when someone used grammar or vocabulary incorrectly!

“I am a Malaysian of Indian ethnicity, and I’m studying here as an international student. I chose the University of Auckland because of its academic standards – it’s the top ranked University in New Zealand. I feel blessed that my parents gifted me the opportunity of studying overseas.

“Travelling to a whole new country can be a daunting experience. However, Auckland is one of the safest "big cities" in the world, with beautiful beaches, fresh air and friendly people. I like the diversity; Auckland is a city with a rich cultural mix. Plus Auckland is a FABULOUS adventure destination. There are lots of fun adventure activities, like zorbing, bungy jumping and sky diving. Auckland is also a ‘student city’ with great shopping, movies, chilling and food.

“I’d advise new students to be consistent. Attending lectures is important. Go to all classes and pay attention. Know your professor’s office hours and take advantage of them. Your teachers have an interest in helping you succeed. Most of them enjoy students visiting them for chats. My lecturers have been really great and helpful. They are friendly and easy to talk to.”

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