Annalise Higgins

Annalise completed a Bachelor of Arts with a double major in History and Psychology and is now studying for a Master of Arts in History.

Annalise Higgins

“One of the best parts about studying in the Faculty of Arts is that most people seem to enjoy what they’re studying. History is fantastic. They’re really approachable and everyone seems to be genuinely passionate about their subject.

“I find History to be the most interesting subject. We get to learn heaps of amazing and sometimes slightly bizarre facts. But studying History is much more than just memorising facts. History students are taught skills that allow them to analyse arguments and assess evidence in order to draw their own conclusions.

“In Psychology, it’s really fascinating to learn about why people think, feel and behave in the way that they do. I really enjoy getting to explore different psychological theories that focus on a diverse range of behaviours and phenomena.

“I would tell prospective students that they shouldn’t think that doing a BA means they will just be taking ‘easy’ subjects. If people really invest in what they are studying, and want to get the most out of their degree, then it probably won’t be ‘easy’. To really succeed in Arts you have to apply critical understanding and really challenge yourself to form your own opinions. If you can do that, then you will feel like you’ve succeeded at something more important than just parroting facts and figures.”

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