Alizaa Ara

Alizaa is studying for a Bachelor of Arts with a double major in Gender Studies and Psychology.

Alizaa Ara

“My family originates from India and I am also part Turkish and Iranian but I am an Aucklander at heart.”

“I chose to study here because the University of Auckland is highly respected and is considered to be the most prestigious university in the country. If I am going to be investing my time and finances in tertiary education, I want to ensure that I am attending a recognised and a well-organised establishment.

“I thoroughly enjoy understanding and deconstructing social norms and power structures that influence everyday life for me as a brown queer woman. The feminist lens of analysis taught in Gender Studies allows me to academically and practically advocate social justice and equity.

“Studying Psychology gives me insight into vital areas of life, such as interpersonal and cognitive functioning, based on scientific evidence. I enjoy how informative and applicable Psychology is to everyday life.

“I have enjoyed both of my majors so much that I would like to return for postgraduate study in both subjects. I am looking forward to dedicating my career to the human services sector after I complete postgraduate study.

“The Faculty of Arts is very friendly and supportive. People at the Arts Students’ Centre are extremely helpful regarding any academic queries and the Arts academic advisers are all lovely. The Arts centre is a great space to relax and study.”


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