Aine Kelly-Costello

Aine undertook an internship with Transparency International New Zealand as part of the Faculty of Arts internship course.

Aine Kelly-Costello

“During my Faculty of Arts internship course, I worked at Transparency International New Zealand, a global civil society that campaigns against corruption.

“I prepared a report examining what New Zealand could learn from Spain’s experience in implementing a form of legislation requiring a substantial number of agencies and other entities to proactively publish information. 

“During the internship course, my Spanish language skills were crucial and my Arts degree played a key role in developing these, particularly as it allowed me to spend a semester on exchange in Spain. Throughout my studies, I have also learned to be more persistent in searching for data and to tweak my research strategy and direction based on my readings.

“As a part of my Arts study, having to do research in a totally new field each semester has become a matter of routine, making my decidedly legal internship project much less intimidating than it would have been three years ago.

“It’s not very often that someone offers to find a job for you - especially not one that they have taken time to consider will be a good match with your Arts research skills and your CV. Even better, once you are matched with an organisation, the Faculty takes great care to make sure you're not getting overworked. Once the course is over, you're able to put your new work experience on your CV - what a deal!”

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