Zoe Henry

Zoe is studying towards a Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in History.

Zoe Henry

“I’ve always had an interest in religious history and the relationships between different religious groups. Coming from a multi-religious upbringing, I always found it interesting how each religion reacted and ‘tolerated’ the other. Also, the blood and gore. Blood and gore is always good.

“My research looks at the transition from polytheistic Rome to a monotheistic empire as told by the bishops. By analysing the sermons and other written works of these bishops, I hope to understand the ways in which paganism was outlawed and considered harmful to social structures and how tolerance of paganism both enabled and disabled Christianity's road to success.

“I chose to do postgraduate study at the University of Auckland because after completing my undergraduate studies here, I had a support network in place that was like whānau. I was really lucky to have Tuākana mentors and lecturers who believed in me from day one.

“I think most people ignore the prospect of doing postgraduate study because they think they’re not good or smart enough but you’ll never know until you ask! Get talking to graduate advisers, lecturers and tutors, or even other people in your class. Even if you’re thinking of another path, at least keep your options open, it’s the best feeling knowing you have more than one option after study”.


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