William Zhang

William is studying towards a Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Politics and International Relations.

William Zhang

“My key area of interest is public policy. However, I’ve also studied many other interesting areas of politics, such as international relations, research methods, and even marketing.

“I am currently doing research for a report on increasing voter turnout in Auckland. The report is being written for Auckland Council, since I’m currently an intern there.

“The decline in voter turnout is a real issue in Auckland. In 2013 only 35% of Aucklanders voted, which is bad news for our democracy. So doing this research topic aligns well with the practical dimension of Politics and International Relations that I really enjoy.

“This topic has a big problem-solving component to it. Not only do I have to find the source of the problem, I also have to think of strategies to actually tackle the problem. In all, this research allows me to analyse, solve problems, and apply my classroom knowledge to a real-life problem.

“Being a postgraduate Arts student is truly an once-in-a-lifetime experience. You’re surrounded by peers who have worked hard to get here, and are all very bright and motivated.

“The learning environment here is very collaborative and open. The Faculty of Arts is home to some of the best professors in the world, whose teaching really forces you to think analytically, creatively and with rigour.

“In class, we’re often asked to present our ideas to everyone, and by opening up our ideas to critique, we sharpen our own thinking as well. Academically, the culture encourages fresh thinking, where old ideas are constantly challenged and debated.

“The campus environment is great, and there are always a lot of social and extracurricular events going on. Being a postgraduate Arts student is a lot of hard work, but the experience, knowledge and connections you get will stay for a lifetime.”

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