Vladimir Krstic

Vladimir is studying toward a PhD in Philosophy. His research topic is The Analysis of Self-deception and its Implications for Concepts of Rationality and the structure of the Mind.

Vladimir Krstic

“I think my supervisor, John Bishop, is the best in the whole world – which is why I chose to study at the University of Auckland.

“It was John Bishop who told me about the Doctoral Scholarships. I applied and was granted an Arts Bursary. Receiving this Bursary meant I could stay in New Zealand to study, as without this bursary I would probably have insufficient funds for the visa application.

“My thesis develops a theory that can explain self-deception, as modelled on other-deception, within a conception of the mind as single and reasonably coherent. Scholars usually deny the view that self-deception is modelled on other-deception or posit some kinds of divisions, which makes my solution quite unique: I think that what complicates our understanding of self-deception is a false understanding of other-deception.

“Being a postgraduate student in the Faculty of Arts is, without a lie, a dream that came true for me.”


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