Tom James

Tom is studying for a Master of Arts in Politics and International Relations.

“The University of Auckland is the best in New Zealand for my area of study. No other university in New Zealand has a political marketing expert even close to the calibre of Associate Professor Jennifer Lees-Marshment.

“I’m looking at the implementation of market orientation in Labour parties in opposition in the United Kingdom and New Zealand.

“I saw that political parties on the left around the world were having a hard time connecting with the public and there was a massive gap in the literature when it came to their implementation of strategy, so it made sense to me to pick this as my topic.

“I saw doing my masters as a way of learning how to answer certain questions that really interested me, as well as expand my future job opportunities. It also helped having a great supervisor who really encouraged me to push myself academically and set up a lot of opportunities to meet practitioners so I could learn from their experiences.

“I also got to present at the Global Marketing and Management Conference 2015 and it was a fantastic experience.

“I would really like to work in market research. I think it’s fascinating uncovering what people think about brands and how that influences their behaviour. I’ve already got a casual job as a market research interviewer at Colmar Brunton partly thanks to my studies, so I hope that after I’m finished with my masters I can get a full-time job in the area.

“I would encourage potential postgraduate students to just do it. It expands your job opportunities, you get to contribute to the academic literature on your area of specialisation and you will make some friends for life.”

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