Todd Karehana

Todd is currently studying for a Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Media, Film and Television.

Todd Karehana

“I am interested in the expression and representation of minorities. Being gay, and Māori, I want to stimulate discussion surrounding how minorities intersect and interact with media.

“I am pursuing my honours degree because I want to gain leverage in a saturated employment market. I love that my degree offers me the opportunity to create films that speak to me and that I’m able to share them with highly regarded teachers who impart their knowledge.

“The University of Auckland has a prestigious reputation. I want to show other Māori, as well as those who doubt our abilities, that Māori can excel and succeed in a highly ranked university.

“Joining Ngā Tauira Māori, the University’s Māori Students Association, has helped me keep close to my Māori values. I am far from home, but I have the support and aroha of a wider student whānau, which helps in times of stress or when I miss my siblings and parents.”


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