Therese Kiely

Therese is studying for a Bachelor of Theology (Honours).

Therese Kiely

“I always wanted to go further than undergraduate studies as I feel this was scraping the surface. There are so many areas in Theology I wish I could study them all in more depth.

“Belonging to a church community, working a lot with young people in volunteer programmes within and outside of church and the way which social media increasingly influences how young people act in reality inspired my research topic. I aim to evaluate whether young people with faith find more community in church or in social media and how these might overlap within a framework of understanding Christian community. I wanted this research to be something practical and useful for the community I belong to.

“It’s awesome to be postgraduate student in the Faculty of Arts as it can be very inter-disciplinary so you’re able to draw on knowledge from staff and research from all over the Faculty. There is a lot of support also such as a decent amount of free printing and workshops through the library to help improve different aspects of the research process.

“With potentially controversial topics within Theology, the staff are amazing at facilitating seminars and classes which are from a neutral perspective. There is no bias towards a specific denomination and everyone benefits from this supportive and open environment.

“We are a smaller cohort than other disciplines, and I think this is our strength as you all get to know each other well. The use of a good kitchen with free tea and coffee also helps significantly!”

“If you are considering it, you should take the opportunity to do postgraduate study. If you have a passion for your subject there’s always room for more research to be done. You might just be the person who shakes things up and changes the world positively in a small but significant way.”

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