Samantha Lagos

Samantha is studying towards a Master of Arts in Anthropology specialising in Archaeology.

“After becoming more involved in Anthropology during the third year of my undergraduate degree, and seeing where further study could get me, staying on for postgraduate study was a natural choice.

“I am currently studying for an MA in Anthropology, focusing on Archaeology. My research is investigating the nature of socio-economic change in Neolithic societies. I’m specifically interested in the relationship between settlement and subsistence, and the ways in which this has been evaluated and understood in past research.

“In Anthropology, the lecturers are actively involved in archaeological research, which means that I have been able to be involved in fieldwork within my specific area of research.

The Faculty has a lot of resources available to support my studies, and the University attracts plenty of international scholars, which means that I’m exposed to a much wider range of ideas.

“Studying at postgraduate level is great. You’re given all the tools and encouragement to, cliché though it may sound, think outside of the box and move beyond what the textbooks tell you. I’m immersed in a very encouraging environment that’s given me a lot of opportunities. My fellow students and I are a wee family now, and you need that for all the ups and downs.

“Because of the sudden jump in expectations at postgraduate level, it can be really easy to lock yourself in a lab and work day in and day out. Luckily, everyone is in the same boat – it’s very easy to grab a bite to eat, or catch a movie, and get back to the books. At the same time, when deadlines are looming, everyone motivates each other to just get it done. You can still have a social life and get good grades!

“Everyone is going to tell you that postgraduate study, especially Honours, is a huge step up from undergraduate. If you’re like me you won’t listen, but they’re absolutely right. For me, that first year of postgraduate study was definitely a rough year, and the switch to self-motivated research is tough; but if you love what you do, then that’s all the motivation you need.”

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