Rosetta Allan

Rosetta is completing a Master of Creative Writing.

Rosetta Allan

"After releasing two volumes of poetry – Little Rock in 2007, and Over Lunch in 2010 – I decided to venture into the world of prose. My first novel, Purgatory, based on the Otahuhu murders of 1865, was signed with agent Michael Gifkins, and published by Penguin Books in June 2014. Since then I've been tackling a second historical novel, but this time the writing has taken me outside New Zealand, to Russia's Soviet years.

"In 2016, I was the first New Zealander to take up the St Petersburg Art Residency. As part of my ongoing research, next year I plan to visit Vladivostok, then travel down to Almaty, Kazakhstan, via train. This opportunity is made possible, thanks in part, to the Sir James Wallace Master of Creative Writing Scholarship, for which I am grateful.

"I have always held the University of Auckland in high regard, and I decided there was nowhere better to complete my masters year of study. And I was right. This year, under the supervision of a writer and teacher I greatly admire – Paula Morris – I have been able to focus on in-depth research, writing techniques, and further development of the novel.

"Writing my first novel was a solitary effort, and I'm glad to say that this time I've been able to engage with a vibrant community of like-minded creative writers. The constructive, critical feedback process – a key element in the MCW programme – has been invaluable, and has helped me to define what my true writing style is."

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