Reuben Hutchinson-Wong

Reuben completed a Bachelor of Arts in Ancient History and Geography and is now studying for a Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Ancient History.

Reuben Hutchinson-Wong

"It is incredibly enjoyable being a student within the Faculty of Arts. I found it to be a dynamic place within the University of Auckland.

"I really enjoyed the diversity and breadth of the subject areas throughout my undergraduate programme.

"In Geography I encountered a wide variety of alternative ways of thinking about society and culture, gaining a greater appreciation of the complexity present in the world we live today and how this has developed over time.

"In Ancient History I learned about something completely different by specifically focusing on ancient Egyptian history. I have studied various aspects of the culture including art, religion, warfare, and social and cultural development.

"Learning about different fields of research within these subjects has helped me to find a greater appreciation for both modern and past societies and cultures and how they are still relevant today."

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