Rachel Lee

Rachel completed a PhD in applied linguistics.

Rachel Lee

“Doing a PhD in my department requires a lot of self discipline. We are not required to attend classes so we could be easily isolated from the rest of the people, apart from our supervisors. We are expected to work independently, but this has also allowed me to develop maturity as a postgraduate student.

“I am originally from Singapore and wanted to have an ‘overseas experience’ with my study. The Department of Applied Language Studies and Linguistics (DALSL) has a good reputation in Southeast Asia and I thought if I wanted to get a PhD in an English-speaking country, this would be the place.

“There are many things I like about living in Auckland. Space is never a concern, and as someone coming from compact Singapore, I really appreciate the space of my living environment. To my surprise, I found that Auckland is actually more cosmopolitan than Singapore. There is a mix of people from various cultural backgrounds resulting in a very vibrant atmosphere. Of course, the outdoors are great! Tramping with friends or going on a car ride to somewhere outside the city is so easy.”

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