Prue Wilson

Prue completed a Bachelor of Arts in History and Women's Studies and is now studying for a Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Sociology.

Prue Wilson

“I didn’t start my degree as a Women’s Studies* major. In fact I only took the compulsory Stage I course in my final semester. It actually all happened because on the first day of semester in my second year I turned up to the wrong class and was too embarrassed to leave so I sat through two hours of the Sociology of Gender when I was supposed to be in Modern Poetry.

“It was the best mistake I have ever made. Women’s Studies applies feminist lenses of analysis to a wide array of scholarship, interrogates the oppressiveness of gender, race, class and sexual norms and enables students to hypothesise potential solutions in a dynamic and supportive environment.

“The interdisciplinary nature of the subject also means that students get to study courses from a number of different disciplines. I included History, Politics and International Relations, Sociology, Anthropology, Māori Studies and English courses in my Women’s Studies major.

“Studying such a broad range of subjects was not only interesting but set me up with a diverse skillset that has proven invaluable in postgraduate study. Learning how to think critically, problem solve, conduct rigorous research and synthesise vast quantities of information into well-crafted text has also set me up well for a future career in politics, policy development, journalism, education, human resources, market research and so much more.”

*This subject is now called Gender Studies at undergraduate level.