Phillip Simpson

Phillip is completing a Master of Creative Writing

Phillip Simpson

“I considered similar programmes run by other universities but I liked the hands-on approach offered by the Master of Creative Writing at the University of Auckland.

“I also chose this course because of the convenor, Paula Morris. No other university seemed to have such a successful and well-respected young adult author (amongst other genres). This was particularly important to me because I write YA.

“My first young adult novel, Rapture, was shortlisted for the Sir Julius Vogel Awards for best youth novel in 2012. I’ve had over fifty chapter books and four YA novels published, the latest of which, Minotaur, is due to be published in the United States in September 2015.

“The MCW is a great mix of writing and literary discussion and analysis. A lot of the other courses I looked at seemed to focus more on the literary analysis rather than actually writing. The purpose of this course is to write a novel (or collection of short stories) and improve your writing.

“There are two core parts to the course: the workshop and the seminar. The workshop is all about working with your current writing and getting feedback on it. This is great. Paula and the other students really help me to focus on issues with my writing that I might not have otherwise considered.  The seminar includes literary analysis and writing activities which are both fun and practical.

“Experience has taught me that with time and effort my writing improves, and that was the catalyst for enrolling in the MCW.”

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