Phanomkwan Devahastin

Phanomkwan is an international student from Thailand studying for a Master of Public Policy.

Phanomkwan Devahastin

“I was inspired to study the Master of Public Policy because I could see that it would be useful for my career.

“I’m currently employed by Thailand’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs and will be returning to work there once I’ve finished my studies. Because of this, I’d like to write my dissertation on foreign policy – it’s a natural fit.

 “I like that the interdisciplinary nature of this programme gives me the opportunity to choose courses from various subjects that fit my interests and are relevant to my job.

“I chose to study at the University of Auckland because it has a vibrant international community that allows international students to fit in quickly, and enables us to share different perspectives and experiences from around the world.

“Life as a postgraduate student offers plenty of opportunities. I’ve met students from various disciplinary areas and work backgrounds, and have had the chance to engage in interesting discussions with them.

“Overall, it’s just a really good learning experience for me.

“My advice to potential postgraduate students is don’t panic – and have fun!” 


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