Paula Ray

Paula is studying for a PhD in Media, Film and Television.

Paula Ray

“I am pursuing my PhD in the area of new media studies. My topic is: Women and Social Networking: A case study of urban Indian Facebook users.

“I chose to study at Auckland because the Department of Film, Television and Media Studies here is quite well known in the academic world. When I was applying for my programme, I browsed through the department webpage and came across very promising profiles of faculty members, but no one was researching in my particular area. This made me think that perhaps I could bring something new to the department.

“I find being a postgraduate student here to be very satisfying. We have enough support to pursue a research-based programme that is, quite literally, a litmus test of your perseverance.

“I am originally from India, and find Auckland full of friendly, warm people who love a peaceful and healthy life with lots of sporting activities.

“The student life here at the University has a good cultural mix too. I see more cultural ethnicities every year. Auckland is a good melting pot of multiple cultures, as the government takes an active interest in promoting festivals from various corners of the world. “

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