Paul Kramer

Paul is studying towards a PhD in Politics and International Relations.

Paul Kramer

“I’m researching the transformations in public space in contemporary Turkey by using a queer theory framework. I interviewed people from queer populations in Turkey to find out more about what “publicness” means to them. I think what I’ve found complicates some fundamental assumptions people have about representation, space, and identity in politics for queer people. You’ll have to wait for me to get a book deal to learn more.

“I originally applied to write a very different topic, but my supervisor encouraged me to work closer to materials I was more interested in, and I’m very grateful for that guidance. I originally didn’t think talking about gender and sexuality was important enough for “The Discipline of Politics.” However, I came to understand that identity issues permeate political complications in a way that feels much more real to me.

“After discussing my interests and goals with my prospective supervisor I was convinced they could provide me with the guidance and academic support I needed to succeed, so I left my hometown in New York and moved to New Zealand.

“I strongly encourage anyone interested in a PhD to apply to programmes where they can be assured they will receive academic and structural guidance that makes sense for their unique project... and be ready to write!”


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