Patrick Chappell

Patrick is studying towards a Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in History.

Patrick Chappell

“Being an avid ‘news junkie’, I have always been interested in the power of the media to influence and shape our thinking. For my BA (Hons) research topic I’m examining the coverage of the Washington Post and the New York Times over the course of the Tet Offensive, a key event in the Vietnam War. Being the first war covered extensively by television, the power of the media was particularly potent in Vietnam.

“My research will examine the coverage of Tet from the point of view of these two major institution newspapers, correcting the imbalance that I see in existing scholarship which tends to ignore newspaper coverage in favour of the more modern and more popular television network news.

“As a postgraduate student it is terrific being able to work alongside other students who are passionate about History, all sharing interests in a wide variety of historical fields. It’s great working with a group of people who share the same fears and concerns about their research. We’ve come to know each other and rely upon each other as we embark on this long and difficult journey.

“The History staff are simply the best – they have guided me down the path of my research willingly and enthusiastically, correcting me where I’ve gone wrong and suggesting new and interesting avenues for me to explore in my thinking.

“I would say to anyone interested in postgraduate study to not be afraid of the challenge. And it can be a challenge getting outside your comfort zone and seeing what you can actually do for a research project. But you will come out better for it on the other side.”

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