Miriam Bissett

Miriam is studying for a PhD in Ancient History.

Miriam Bissett

“Postgraduate research means that you have graduated from the broad subject areas of undergraduate study and can begin to specialise. This is when you can really work on what you are interested in. While the classes are not as large, you will be working with people who share similar interests and a passion for the subject. Then, if you complete a PhD, you’ll find that your involvement in the life of the department becomes your mainstay in a time in which your study makes you quite isolated. You need to remember to enjoy yourself sometimes, as well as working hard!

“At a postgraduate level, the Department within which you choose to study becomes your family. We have a close-knit and friendly group of postgraduate and undergraduate Classicists, Ancient Historians, and Egyptologists and we frequently socialise together.

“You might not know what the future holds, and there is often uncertainty around what will happen after you have completed your study, but if you love your subject, life is too short to do anything else!”

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