Marvin Wu

Marvin is studying for a PhD in Museums and Cultural Heritage.

Marvin Wu

"When I realised that only 1% of Auckland Museum's international visitors are Chinese, I asked myself: 'so if Chinese people have a rich museum culture and are eager to come to New Zealand, why do they not visit museums here?'

"I am very interested in answering this question by conducting a doctoral research.

"In New Zealand, China has become the second largest source of international visitors, only outstripped by Australia, and the number is still growing rapidly. Chinese tourists are also the biggest-spending travellers here.

"Bringing Chinese tourists to New Zealand museums could make a difference.

"I am analysing Chinese visitors' expectations and experiences in New Zealand museums and comparing them to their experiences in the Palace Museum and the National Museum of China.

"After I finish my study I would like to work as a museum visitor researcher or a museum duty manager and be responsible for leading a visitor programme that provides a museum with major competitive advantage.

"My three years in the Faculty of Arts have been challenging, fulfilling and worthwhile. I have made a lot of friends from different countries, and they keep me calm and grounded.

"I am especially thankful for the support of my PhD supervisor, Professor Elizabeth Rankin, for her continual support and inspiration. She treats me like her own son. Her kindness has changed my life."

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