Marilyn Castino

Marilyn is studying for a Master of Public Policy.

Marilyn Castino

"I have been working with local government units back in the Philippines and I thought that I should equip myself with skills and knowledge since I am passionate about bringing the delivery of public services to a higher level.

"I chose to study for an MPP at the University of Auckland for two reasons. First, the University of Auckland has an excellent international reputation. Second, the University of Auckland has the best MPP program in New Zealand. I want to learn from the best of course!

"Aside from the core courses in the MPP curriculum, we can take courses in a wide range of other disciplines. I have taken courses in Development Studies and Economics, which I believe will be crucial in helping me decide which track in public policy I will pursue in the future.

"The Faculty of Arts has been really supportive in providing facilities and help for postgraduate students. The lecturers are helpful and provide constructive criticism on our work.

"One of the things that I will not forget is how we are trained to work under pressure. While it is really stressful to finish all the assignments, we are still able to work in teams, and laugh at the same time.

"The thought of studying outside of your country, outside of your comfort zone, is really challenging and a tough decision to make, but it is all worth it! The University of Auckland offers the best facilities and taking good care of its international students is a serious business for the University. So, there is no need to be anxious because all the support facilities are easily accessible. Also, New Zealand is a beautiful country to explore in-between studying!"

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