Marco Grix

Marco is studying towards a PhD in Philosophy.

Marco Grix

“I'm originally from Germany. I grew up in former Eastern Germany, but I've lived in New Zealand (on and off) for about ten years. I did my honours degree at The University of Auckland, then went overseas to complete my masters, and came back for my PhD.

“I chose to return to The University of Auckland for my PhD because I love being in New Zealand and because the Department of Philosophy is a fantastic place to study.

“My research is in the areas of Moral and Political Philosophy. I am particularly interested in the normative dimension of human consumption.

“My thesis addresses the ethics of consumption from a philosophical perspective, and particularly from the angle of human needs. Hopefully, my research will help us understand when and why human consumption is ethically problematic, and how, by changing what, how, and how much we consume, we live better human lives.

“I enjoy my studies at the Faculty of Arts because it brings me into contact with academics from a huge variety of areas as well as students who have equally diverse research interests – philosophy, history, languages, politics, anthropology, sociology, and psychology. A student is welcome to attend research seminars at any department, to learn new things, and to ask questions. In the Arts, curious minds have endless opportunities.

“When deciding what to study, focus on what kind of person you want to become. Living well is not about income; it's about making a difference to the greater good. When deciding where to study, make sure you pick a place where you'll be happy. Quality of education is important, but so is the quality of your surroundings – the people as well as the place.“

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