Makyla Curtis

Makyla completed a Bachelor of Arts majoring in English and Writing Studies is now studying for a Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in English.

Makyla Curtis

“My interests lie in indigenous (namely Māori) poetry, and contemporary and experimental poetry by New Zealanders from all backgrounds. I’m also interested in bibliography and archiving as I come from a background both in poetry as well as letterpress printing. My Honours research will either take me in the direction of contemporary Māori poetry, or archived Māori poetry published in early New Zealand newspapers.

“It’s important to remember that education isn’t just about career goals, but in building a solid foundation to grow from and to assist and encourage others. Whatever career I end up in, my goal is to enrich and add value to New Zealand’s literary cultures, to support and encourage the development of indigenous voices in published literary and arts media and to push the boundaries of literary experiment in New Zealand.

“Writing Studies is not just about words, grammar and punctuation, essays, poems or books; rather it is a study into the fabric of language and communication in all of its forms. It is the opportunity to study writing as a fundamental invention, a human consciousness, a form of recording and archiving, but most importantly, societal and cultural ‘writing’ that forms behaviours and histories. It is a way of seeing writing not just as lines on paper or text on screen, but as the very texture of our interactions and intentions.

“Writing Studies added a richness and depth to my education as it opened up other disciplines and ways of thinking. I highly recommend Writing Studies as a line of study or a way to flesh out or support your areas of interest.”

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