Lillian Hanly

Lillian is currently studying a Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Media, Film and Television.

Lilian Hanly

“I have always been interested in media studies and studying Media, Film and Television at the University of Auckland has allowed me to combine my interest in media studies with other subjects as opposed to the more focussed courses elsewhere. I wasn’t ready to completely narrow down what I wanted to learn so a Bachelor of Arts degree was the right choice for me.

“For my Bachelor of Arts (Honours) I will research New Zealand films to see how they portray current race relations in Aotearoa. I am interested in this area as a bi-cultural country that is respectful and honouring of its indigenous people is something I strive for. It amazes me how badly represented Māori can be in film and media, which is why I study it.

“In terms of the postgraduate culture in my discipline, everyone seems pretty keen and interested in their research topics. It’s cool to be amongst a group of people thinking about similar issues.

“My advice to new students would be to take every opportunity that comes to you. I am now a volunteer at the University’s radio station bFm which has been incredible for growing my knowledge in media and current affairs.

“Universities are spectacular places for young minds and new knowledge, immerse yourself in it because it doesn’t last forever”.


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