Lavinia Araminta

Lavinia is studying for a Master of Arts in Applied Linguistics.

Lavinia Araminta

"I'm studying for a Master of Arts in Applied Linguistics. Once finishing my postgraduate studies, I hope to go back to my home country and apply all the knowledge and skills I have gained at the University of Auckland.

"There are many avenues that can be pursued in the field of Applied Linguistics and Foreign Language Teaching in Indonesia. Becoming a lecturer and a researcher is on top of my career options.

"I'm currently working on a dissertation project on the influences on second language self-confidence in speaking English for undergraduate engineering students in Indonesia.

"My initial interest in the topic was sparked by instances of coming across many Indonesian students who reported that they were not confident in speaking in English. This has then inspired me to dig into the affective aspects of language learning, particularly in the context of English for Specific Academic Purposes (ESAP).

"What I like about being a postgraduate student in Applied Linguistics is that the teaching materials are accompanied by readings on relevant research studies, keeping students up-to-date with the latest issues and at the same time familiarising us with research methods and paradigms. Discussion is always encouraged, and the lecturers are approachable.

"Although challenging, even the assignments are stimulating and provide room for being creative in exploring any topics that interest us. Outside the classroom, the Faculty of Arts brings students together in events such as the welcoming of new students and seminars. Through class representative forums, students' study-related concerns are also heard and facilitated to be solved. This has made the Faculty a second home to me in Auckland.

"If you are aspiring to be an applied linguist and are passionate about doing projects on the study of language use and language teaching and learning, the Faculty of Arts at the University of Auckland is where you want to go for your next academic destination."

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