Laura Eaton

Laura is studying for a Master of Conflict and Terrorism Studies.

Laura Eaton

“As soon as I finished my undergraduate degree I started working as a lawyer, but never felt like my education was over. As I became more politically engaged, I wondered what postgraduate options were available to fuel my interests. When I saw the MCTS, with its compelling emphasis on the causes, dynamics and consequences of political violence, I enrolled straight away.

“Studying the MCTS is liberating because there is a lot of freedom to write about the political conflicts that interest you. Classes are an added bonus to discuss and debate relevant ideas and help make sense of violent political events.

“It is so good to be back as a postgraduate student in the Faculty of Arts, where critical thinking about the way that things are, and the way that things should be, is always encouraged.

“I would love to be a student forever, but failing that, a career in government or at the United Nations would be ideal.”


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