Kieran Smith

Kieran is studying for a Master of Conflict and Terrorism Studies.

Kieran Smith

“I am interested in what drives people to commit acts of political violence. The MCTS enables me to take a holistic approach towards understanding this issue because of its cross-disciplinary approach.

“I have enjoyed taking courses in Development Studies and Criminology in addition to Politics and International Relations, which gave me access to a wide variety of perspectives.

“I really enjoy reading book length studies about conflict and would like to write one myself one day.

“The postgraduate environment is a lot more collaborative than in undergrad, with group work and regular class discussions.

“Conflict and Terrorism Studies students are highly motivated and come from a variety of backgrounds, which means they always seem to know a lot with regards to topics that I don't have a clue about. This encourages me to work hard to keep up with them.”


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