Juliet Robieson

Juliet is completing a Master of Creative Writing

Juliet Robieson

“The Master of Creative Writing programme is equipping me with the skills I need to complete a book that I’ve wanted to finish for years.

“We are taught specific skills to analyse and improve our writing process. Paula Morris, the convenor of the course, has guided the development of my work, closely analysing my structure and style and details such as point of view, tense and language. Paula is clear and direct. I know exactly where I am in my writing, and what I need to do to move forward.

“Time with my fellow students is also useful. We critique each other’s work and offer thoughtful, respectful feedback. It’s immensely helpful. I spent a long time stripping back my writing as a journalist – now it’s time to allow the poetry back in.

“I worked as a reporter for Radio NZ and TVNZ in New Zealand before moving to London to work as a general reporter for the BBC World Service in the 1980s. After moving into sub-editing, then being selected to be part of the team for BBC World TV, I returned to New Zealand and then Australia as a full-time mother.

“Enrolling in the MCW was a welcome return to creative work after a long break raising my family.”

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