Joe Lim

Joe is studying towards an MA in Film, Television and Media Studies.

“I am originally from Malaysia, but I love living in Auckland. The people here are friendly, the environment is safe and clean, and it is a very convenient city.

“I chose to study at the University of Auckland because of its reputation and the fantastic study environment here. It is wonderful being a postgraduate student in the Faculty of Arts. With all the useful support services and resources, I would say my experience thus far has been very satisfying.

“I am currently studying towards my MA specialising in Film, TV and Media Studies. My research topic, entitled “Constructing Epidemic: The Portrayal of HIV by New Zealand Media”, is primarily looking at how New Zealand Media depicts the epidemic of HIV in relation to sexuality, power relations and marginalised communities.

“I think postgraduate studies are really valuable – not only do you get to work closely with renowned and leading academics, but you also gain the transferable skills that are sought after in the job market. Plus postgraduate studies are not as difficult as many would think, because, at this level, you are studying towards something that you are personally interested in – which makes a huge difference.”

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