Jenny Loader

Jenny is studying for a Master of Arts in Anthropology.


“It was during my Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Anthropology, specialising in Archaeology, that I became interested in the disappearance of pottery in the Pacific.

“Pottery was introduced into Oceania about 3000 years ago, and, over time, has disappeared from some islands. I want to know how the decision to exclude or include pottery technology influenced the development of cuisine in Oceania.

“After completing my undergraduate study at the University of Otago I wanted a change of scenery, and I can happily say that Auckland is a lovely place to undertake postgraduate study.

“The best thing about postgraduate study in the Faculty of Arts is being able to research something that I am really interested in. I’m surrounded by other students who are working on masters projects in a diverse range of topics. There are also weekly seminars, and gatherings of ArchSoc and SocSoc (The Archaeology Society and the Social Anthropology Society), which add to the supportive atmosphere of the disciplinary area.

“After finishing my masters I’m planning on getting a job as an archaeologist. Archaeologists typically work for universities, heritage trusts or building contractors. In New Zealand it is illegal to build on a site without a permit from an archaeologist. As our population and infrastructure grows it becomes increasingly important that we have archaeologists to protect our cultural heritage or remove it for storage or display.

“If you are interested in archaeology or social anthropology, I encourage you to come along to a class or a seminar.”


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