Janet McAllister

Janet completed a Master of Arts in Sociology.

Janet McAllister

"For my BA, I majored in Philosophy and minored in English, and then, after several years away, did a postgraduate diploma in History. So my route to doing an MA in Sociology has been unconventional, but taking all these subjects has honed my skills in discourse analysis, which is very useful for my masters thesis.

“My research is in ‘mobilities’ theory. I’m analysing how this social theory influences the way researchers study the travel of people, objects and information both locally and globally. I look at the underlying assumptions of ‘mobilities’ theory, and the consequences of such ideas.

“My experience as a postgraduate student in Arts has been enjoyable. Sociology postgraduate students are made welcome as members of the department’s research community. I’ve found many members of staff very friendly and helpful, and genuinely interested in student research. Even chats in the lunch room are worthwhile and interesting!

“Given that writing a thesis can be a rather lonely task, it’s useful and encouraging to know a wider network of people who are all doing similar things.

“As a postgraduate student you have to be self-motivated. Don’t be scared to contact members of staff that you are interested in being taught or supervised by. It’s a great way to find out more about them, their research and their approach to supervision. They welcome potential students sounding them out – and after all, it’s their job!”


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