James Barrett

James is studying for a Master of Arts in Politics and International Relations.

James Barrett

"I have always been interested in the relationship between politics and the media, how individual politicians can be represented (or misrepresented) through various forms of media, and how this impacts their perception amongst the public.

"Undertaking an MA gave me an opportunity to continue delving deeper in to my specific area of interest within the study of politics in a department that I have always found highly supportive and wide in their knowledge of the field.

"My honours year showed me that my style of working works particularly well with long-term research projects. I would highly recommend anyone that likes to approach their work with a high degree of preparation and has an interest in a specific area of the field they are in consider a research MA themselves.

"I will be conducting a research project examining the 'brand personality' of prime ministerial candidates in the upcoming 2017 New Zealand general election.

"The concept of brand personality is a highly useful lens through which to examine the link between public perceptions of politicians' personalities and their electoral success.

"After coming to New Zealand from the United Kingdom it became quite evident to me that the University of Auckland was where I should study. Its high world ranking, a diverse offering of courses in politics, and one of the best research libraries in the South Pacific was just too good to turn down.

"Postgraduate students in Politics and International Relations are very social, and you end up finding yourself becoming friends with a highly diverse group of people by the end of the year.

"If you have a genuine interest in your area of study and are ready to become totally immersed in a subject, then postgraduate study is most definitely for you."

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