Jaimee Dudley

Jaimee is currently studying towards a Master of Arts in Anthropology.

Jaimee Dudley

“Everybody watches programmes like CSI and Bones and thinks how cool is that? However a combination of osteology, forensics, and biological anthropology classes taught me that while the forensic analysis of human remains is indeed pretty cool, it is nothing like it is portrayed on TV! I learned that while there is no formalised forensic archaeology practice in New Zealand, there is a real need for it because it does have jurisdictive importance (like on TV!). I didn’t need much more to convince me to study this topic. My research topic is focussed around methods to accurately determine the post mortem interval of human remains in the New Zealand context.

“Within Anthropology, the lecturers are actively involved in their students’ research, which means that they keep you on track and you never quite feel like it is too hard! The disciplinary area makes a real effort to make postgraduate students feel welcome and supported, so even during the busier weeks there’s always someone there to motivate you to get it done. It’s also a disciplinary area with a healthy social aspect, whether it is extra seminars, movie nights or even the odd cocktail party.

“I grew up in Auckland, so studying for a Bachelor of Arts at the University of Auckland seemed like the logical choice initially, but I stayed for postgraduate studies here because the lecturers here are experts in their fields and the Faculty has excellent resources for postgraduate study”.

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