Ibrahim Bajallan

Ibrahim completed an MA in Film, Television and Media Studies.

Ibrahim Bajallan

“My research is looking at how video games are used in post-televisual environments, primarily the internet. The types of questions I’m exploring are: how are videogames used by online communities to produce other forms of media; what roles do the internet and media convergence play in the production of video game based online media; and what effect (if any) does this have on the media consumption habits of gamers and new media users on the whole?

“I’ve always like video games and I became interested in researching this topic after I watched a few online lectures about gaming theory. So I read a few articles and heard a few academics talking about it, and that inspired me to give researching it a go myself.

“Most people talk about how much they love the freedom they gain in tertiary study when they come out of high school. I can confidently say that you will feel the exact same way when you enter postgraduate study after you finish your undergraduate degree.

“Postgraduate study in the Faculty of Arts has been very enlightening. What I’ve found to be the most valuable is the closer relationships you have with your lecturers and professors. This allows you to not only learn the subject matter, but also to grasp and appreciate the way research is developed and expressed in the academic field.

“I think that postgraduate study is essential for anyone who is passionate about what they are learning. Postgraduate study gives you the opportunity to be a lot more creative and push the boundaries of what you have learnt and studied at an undergraduate level.”

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