Haiping Niu

Haiping is studying towards a Master of Arts in Translation Studies.

Haiping Niu

“My research topic is the application of equivalence theory in translating Code-Switching in English literature into Chinese. I have always been fascinated by languages and cultures. I think getting theoretical training in translation will enhance my skills in cross-cultural communication, which are required in most international workplaces nowadays.

“I came here because I wanted to see the other side of the world and explore the cultural differences between here and China and the UK. The University of Auckland is the top tertiary institute of New Zealand, and my Kiwi friends also recommended it here, for the international urban lifestyle and beautiful nature!

“The Faculty of Arts is very friendly. The teachers and staff are very helpful, which is great. As a postgraduate student you are expected to be self-motived and organized with your study, but it’s nice to work with clear and inspiring guidelines.

“The postgraduate students in Translation Studies are mature, independent and self-disciplined in pursuing their academic and future career goals. More importantly, we are cross-cultural communicators with open minds and are always curious about other cultures and languages.”


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