Emma Jameson

Emma completed a Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Art History and is now studying for a Master of Arts in Art History.


“Art History at the University of Auckland is a wonderfully supportive environment. The lecturers and tutors are enthusiastic, knowledgeable and willing to go above and beyond to provide the best learning and career opportunities for their students. My years in undergraduate study were instrumental in providing me with a strong foundation in research skills, confidence in critical writing and a passionate desire to learn.

“Throughout my undergraduate degree and my Honours year, the lecturers in Art History provided me with various career development opportunities, or made me aware of opportunities that I could seek overseas. As well as working as a Summer Research Scholar at the University of Auckland, I have also worked as an intern at the Peggy Guggenheim Collezione in Venice.  I was made aware of both opportunities through attending undergraduate Art History lectures.  I also undertook a 10-week internship which led to employment as a writer at EyeContact and as a gallery assistant at Corban Estate Arts Centre.

“My undergraduate and postgraduate study in Art History have been fundamental in the development of skills in engaging critically with resources and literature, which has been invaluable in my research internship at the Auckland Art Gallery. In addition, the encouragement to find independent topics for study at Honours level fostered a sense of confidence.

“Art History encourage their students to find an independent ‘critical’ voice in research essays and short writing assignments and this has been invaluable in my ability to gain writing contracts for various art magazines and gallery publications.“

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