Elizabeth Eltze

Elizabeth is studying for a PhD in Ancient History, specialising in Egyptology and Nubiology.

Elizabeth Eltze

"I have dreamed of being an Egyptologist since I was very young. I have always been fascinated by this ancient culture.

"My thesis examines the key texts of three Kushite (Nubian) kings from the fifth and fourth centuries BC. It addresses the ways in which the identity and ideology of the king is created and displayed in those texts.

"We translated a text of a Kushite king in an Egyptian hieroglyphic language class during my honours year. The use of language and the ways in which the text created and displayed the king’s identity and ideology intrigued me.

"The ancient Kushite culture is incredibly interesting and complex, but the evidence has rarely been addressed from the Kushite perspective. Having grown up in Africa, it was clear to me that looking at the evidence from an African perspective was essential to understanding it more completely.

"The Faculty of Arts is incredibly supportive of its postgraduate students. We have one of the best Egyptological libraries in the world, and the scholarships and financial assistance on offer have allowed me to travel to conduct research in overseas archives and to attend international conferences relevant to my research.

"The quality of supervision in Classics and Ancient History is outstanding, with postgraduate students being able to seek advice and professional guidance from internationally renowned and published academics.

"The postgraduate students in Classics and Ancient History often help each other, and will get together for study sessions or just for lunch and a chat. We are a diverse group of people with different backgrounds, with an atmosphere of acceptance and tolerance.

"Considering the excellent skill set that I have learned by doing an Arts degree, including the interdisciplinary approaches and analytical thinking that are required for my research, I could embark on virtually any career path in the future."

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