Daniel Waru Heke

Daniel is studying for a Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Ancient History

Daniel Waru Heke

“I’ve been interested in history since I was very young. I was especially interested in Classics in high school but it wasn’t until I took Jeremy Armstrong’s class on early Rome that I decided to focus purely on Ancient History and in particular early Rome.

“For my dissertation I’m researching the expulsion of the Roman kings. I want to explore how the story was constructed and if there is a reality behind the story famously described by Livy and Dionysius of Halicarnassus.

“Growing up with Māori myths and legends, I also have a love for many of the great stories of the ancient world which blur history and myth. It seemed only natural to pick such a great Roman story, and to study under the lecturer that inspired me to change my major to Ancient History.

“Making the transition from being an undergraduate student to a postgraduate student never felt like a massive change. The lecturers and older postgraduate students in Classics and Ancient History have made our disciplinary area into a welcoming and supportive environment. I feel comfortable as a postgraduate student because the same familiar faces that I looked up to are now my peers.”


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