Clark Tipene

Clark is studying for a Master of Arts in Sociology.

Clark Tipene

"I studied both Politics and International Relations and Sociology during my undergraduate years. And I think the two really complement each other well — politics is about power, and sociology is about the way it’s distributed.

"For my masters, I'm researching the way young New Zealanders (18-24 years) think about political participation. In particular, I make a distinction between electoral and non-electoral participation, between voting and non-voting political behaviour.

"I've been interviewing people in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch to explore the reasons they give for voting, or not voting, and why they engage in other behaviour like protesting, signing petitions or volunteering for political parties.

"I am enjoying research, so I am considering a doctorate after I finish this year. But my real passion is teaching. My big dream would be to teach at tertiary level as a lecturer.

"Being a postgraduate student is different in a number of ways to undergraduate study. There's a real emphasis on self-discipline. The atmosphere here is great and there are plenty of opportunities to grow. Tutoring work is a great way to remain involved with undergraduate students, giving you a great skill set while having fun along the way.

"Auckland is the best institution in the country when it comes to studying Arts, and I’ve always felt supported by the teachers and tutors here."

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