Ann Neville

Ann is completing a Master of Creative Writing

Ann Neville

“I chose to do the Master of Creative Writing at the University of Auckland because it allows me to focus on the actual writing of my own novel while developing and improving my writing skills.

“Most other courses at this level that I looked into have a large research component where the student learns through studying other writers. I wanted a practical course where I learnt through putting pen to paper and the MCW at the University of Auckland allowed me to do just that.

“The most useful aspects of the programme are the critiquing of my work by the tutor, Paula Morris, and the other class members (it's like having my own team of mentors who recognise what is good and guide me through problem areas of my writing); having one-on-one sessions with Paula where we look at the project as a whole; and being in a group of people who understand the writing process and its highs and lows.

“At the end of this year I am planning the launch of a much better book thanks to the MCW and Paula.”

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