Richie Hardcore

Richie completed a Bachelor of Arts in Political Studies and Spanish and a Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Spanish and is now a Community Drug and Alcohol Facilitator, radio host on 95bfm and NewsTalk ZB, television panelist, public speaker, and professional Muay Thai and boxing coach.

Richie Hardcore

“My BA in Political Studies and Spanish, and BA (Hons) in Spanish allowed me to develop a deeper insight into the politics of Spain and Latin America. My dissertation on El Salvadoran gang culture gave me a practical degree because I translated texts and documentaries, and I used an interdisciplinary approach to analyse the historical, political and social causes of this phenomenon.

"The knowledge and skill set I gained through my arts study has served me well in my professional life. The ability to look at things through a critical lens that I developed during my studies has allowed me to make thoughtful, informed commentary in the media and I was equipped with tools to understand the broader context of the issues that affect the communities I work with.

"Most importantly, my Spanish studies enriched me as a person. I treasure the three months I spent studying in Chile through a scholarship, the first of several trips to South America, Mexico and Cuba. Speaking Spanish has allowed me to make lasting friends with Spanish Muay Thai Fighters in Bangkok, Mexican Mixed Martial Arts fighters in Mexico City and recent arrivals to New Zealand, whose eyes light up when I give them directions in their lengua materna.  

"I’m forever grateful for what I learned and experienced during my time at the Faculty of Arts."

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