Quintin Ridgeway

Quintin completed a Master of Professional Studies in Translation and now works as Manager of the Translation Service for the Department of Internal Affairs

Quintin Ridgeway

"I am currently Manager of the Department of Internal Affairs’ Translation Service. This involves overseeing the finances and operations of the unit, maintaining stakeholder relationships and strategic planning for the unit.

"The Translation Service is the only government translation office and its current role is to make sure that government has access to reliable, high-quality linguistic expertise in order to reach out to New Zealand’s ethnic communities in their native tongue as well as to understand written information in foreign languages

"Working within government, the work we do often has a direct and meaningful impact on people’s lives. This can be as simple as helping enabling people to go ahead with significant life events such as an overseas wedding, citizenship ceremony or repatriate a deceased loved-one back to their home country on time or to write materials to reach out to a marginalised community or assist with an investigation and court evidence.

"Studying Translation Studies at the University of Auckland was both an entry into the field for me — it lead to my first job as a translator — as well as a way to make sure I fully understood what translation was all about before embarking on career in translation.

"I found that the Arts focus on many crucial skills for success. These include skills ranging from pursuing a genuine interest and passion, to an appreciation of people and social dynamics, creativity, critical thinking, general EQ, writing ability and interpersonal communication skills.

"These skills make the crucial difference in your career.

"Learning foreign languages and translation can broaden your field of view and give you both insight and an edge. Be open and use this to find an organisation or field that you can apply yourself to and be passionate about."

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