Marius Ormond-Byrne

Marius completed a Bachelor of Arts with a double major in Japanese and Linguistics and is now a Coordinator for International Relations in Nara, Japan.

Marius Ormond

"After graduating from the University of Auckland in 2013 I worked as a translator at Auckland International Airport, before entering the Japan Exchange and Teaching (JET) Programme.

"I am currently working in Nara, Japan as Coordinator for International Relations at the Prefectural Hall. I am in charge of the well-being and supervision of all the international exchange students in the prefecture. I also work closely with the United Nations World Tourism Organisation (UNWTO) organizing international conferences and translating between the Japanese office and the UNWTO headquarters in Spain.

“While I was studying in the Faculty of Arts I really enjoyed that my subject areas were all about talking, because I love interacting with people.

“I received a scholarship to spend my final year of undergraduate study in Japan at Hiroshima University. Ever since I attended Courses and Careers Day I had been hoping to go on an exchange programme, and this scholarship provided me the opportunity to do so.

“The scholarship was through the Monbukagakusho programme with the Japanese government and was open to all students majoring in Japanese. I feel extremely privileged to have been chosen for this program.

"I am really grateful for my time in the Faculty and for all the great opportunities it provided me with - my exchange in Japan and the support of my lecturers was a huge part of how I managed to get my current job."

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