Maria Tanyag

Maria completed a Master of Arts in Politics and International Relations and is now undertaking doctoral study at Monash University and working as a Research and Teaching Associate.

Maria Tanyag

“I am currently a doctoral candidate in Politics and International Relations at Monash University. I am also working as a Research and Teaching Associate for the School of Social Sciences.

“I decided to study for a Master of Arts because I am interested in addressing broader patterns of gendered inequalities at national and international levels. I continue to be passionate about understanding barriers to gender equality especially in conflict and disaster-affected communities.

“A key skill that I gained from studying Politics and International Relations is the ability to think critically. Critical analysis is a fundamental requirement in research and policy. Studying in the Faculty of Arts prepares you to ask questions and seek out answers that challenge pre-existing knowledge and ways of understanding.

“Research and analytical skills are important in contributing to the development of solutions to current global crises that affect many communities.

“The mentoring and expert supervision during my study were pivotal in ensuring that I had the best possible preparation to work in university research and teaching.”

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