Julia Hamilton

Julia completed a Master of Arts in Ancient History and works as a Library Assistant at Auckland War Memorial Museum Library

Julia Hamilton
Photo: Shaun Higgins

“I graduated with a Master of Arts in Ancient History in 2015 and have been employed as a Library Assistant at Auckland War Memorial Museum - Tāmaki Paenga Hira since 2013.

“Auckland War Memorial Museum is home to a rich documentary heritage collection consisting of manuscripts and archives, photographs, paintings, and drawings. In my position, I assist researchers and general visitors with their enquiries and the librarians with work on their collections as required — most recently, this has involved cataloguing and rehousing pictorial material with the Pictorial Librarian and Curator Pictorial.

“I spent many years working my way up to my current position in the museum sector and now have an extensive résumé of museum roles in customer service, content management, enquiry services, collection research, cataloguing, and digitisation. Volunteering at a museum or art gallery while you are studying provides invaluable experience for your future career.

“In October this year, I will be beginning my doctoral studies in Egyptology at the University of Oxford as a Clarendon Scholar, where I will be studying the manuscript collection of renowned Egyptologist and philologist Battiscombe Gunn. I am excited that my doctoral research will combine my skills as an Egyptologist with my practical experience of working with library and archival collections.

“It is crucial to see value in your degree when entering the workforce; museums employ graduates from varied backgrounds and your arts degree provides you with broad knowledge and important skills in research, writing, and asking critical questions.

“An arts degree will shape you as a creative, perceptive, and independent thinker; be bold and choose a course of study that excites you and resonates with you.”


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