John-Michael Swannix

John completed a Bachelor of Arts in Media, Film and Television and Politics and International Relations and is now a multiplatform journalist for Newshub.

John-Michael Swannix

“I’m a multiplatform journalist for Newshub. In my role as a broadcast reporter I mainly write stories, conduct interviews and cut up audio for the hourly news bulletins on RadioLIVE. However, when I break a story or cover an interesting yarn I’m also expected to produce content for Mediaworks’ digital and television platforms.

“The thing that I love about my job is the amount of interesting, talented and passionate people that I get to meet and talk to.

“The vast background knowledge of media and political history I gained from my Arts degree helps me daily in my job. 

“I wanted to be a political reporter and I knew that having an in-depth background knowledge of the ways politicians, parties and parliament work would be important.

“I have an in-depth knowledge of Muldoon-era politics, the Rogernomics reforms, the effects of the black budget, the differences between our FPP, MMP and STV voting systems as well as a whole lot more.

“The reason I choose to study at the University of Auckland was because it offered both the theory I knew I would need to be a good journalist and the practical elements with which I could hone my skills.

“The hands-on television paper FTVMS 201 remains the most useful and fun course I have done in all of my academic study.”



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