Jemma Field

Jemma completed a PhD in Art History and is now a Professional Teaching Fellow in Art History.

Jemma Field

“I am an early career art historian specialising in early modern female patronage and court history, and a Professional Teaching Fellow in Art History at the University of Auckland.

“I love the amount of flexibility and independence that I am given in my job. I am responsible for choosing and delivering appealing and challenging content, and for helping students to develop skills in written and oral communication, analysis, and time management.

“I am passionate about ensuring that the next generation of New Zealand scholars are provided with the chance and encouragement to pursue early modern European research in the fields of art history, female patronage, and court studies.

 “I really enjoy being part of a scholarly environment that values originality, passion, and learning. My disciplinary area is home to extremely knowledgeable, supportive and approachable scholars, who faithfully mentored me throughout my study and helped to prepare me for academia.

“I consider my years of postgraduate study to have been a real privilege, as they not only extended my academic competencies, but also opened up opportunities for travel, networking, and access to historic objects and manuscripts that are not available to the public.

“A personal behind–the-scenes tour of the Royal Collection at Windsor Castle remains particularly memorable, along with giving my first international conference paper at the University of Kent, and being a participant in the 2013 PALATIUM Summer School that was held in Madrid.

“Most recently, I was awarded a Marie Skłodowska-Curie actions fellowship by the European Commission, which will see me take up a two-year research position in London beginning in January 2017.

“I see this success as a validation of the key skills developed in an Arts degree: research, analysis, communication, and the ability to think laterally and to critically engage with a range of media.”

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