James Rohloff

James completed a Bachelor of Arts with a double major in Criminology and Psychology and is now an account executive at Ogilvy & Mather New Zealand.

James Rohloff

“I have always been interested in criminology and psychology as subjects I wanted to explore at University. In my first year at the University of Auckland I studied Arts in a conjoint with Law. In my second year I dropped Law and focused solely on Arts.

“I chose to pursue an Arts Degree as I believed the skills you learn have a wider application to many career paths than most degrees and also the subjects within the degree were also topics I was genuinely interested in.

“I currently work as an account executive at Ogilvy & Mather New Zealand. My position involves making sure ongoing projects run through the different departments of the agency and that everyone is completing the jobs required from the department at the appropriate deadlines. My job also involves presenting concepts and finished work to the client and managing their feedback throughout the appropriate channels within the agency.

“The best thing about my job is that every day is different. Because there is constantly a new campaign, the approach to each event differs quite frequently. How the event or campaign is advertised through different media channels, the creative execution, and the end product are constantly changing.

“My study gave me a point of difference compared to other applicants looking for internships and advertising positions. The people who interviewed me were always fascinated by my study in criminology and psychology, and it made me stand out amongst piles of CVs from people with commerce or marketing degrees.

“My arts study provided me with a greater understanding of how people think and act in both group situations and on an individual level. This skill has been helpful in my career as it not only helps me in taking a creative approach to advertising, but also helps me in forming and maintaining strong and positive relationships both within the agency and with the clients.

“Keep your options open about where you would like your future career to go. A lot of people come into university with pre-conceived ideas of exactly where they want to go, which is great, but does not work for everyone when you learn more about that career and find out it is not exactly what you thought it would be.

“The great thing about an arts degree is that the skills you will learn will be applicable in many different industries. Focus on subjects that genuinely interest you. You will not necessarily have to pursue that industry as a career path, but at least you will be learning things that challenge and interest you, and you will later notice how the skills and knowledge gained can be applied to multiple disciplines you admire for future endeavours.”


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